Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Introducing me! X

I’m new to this so don’t judge me ( yet! ) …I talk alot so this really shouldn’t be a problem right?

I am a jewellery designer working from my lil workshop in sunny Dorset UK.
I have a dark side. I love to make things which reflect my dark but magical world. My collections are inspired by dark fairytales, illustrations from artists such as Arthur Rackham, Tim Burton, Brian Froud…Alan Lee…it’s endless, but you get the gist!

I have a real fascination with poison rings and lockets…secrets, wishes and hidden ‘surprises’ ..I love to combine beautifully dark oxidised silver with gorgeous gemstones like spectrolite and opals.
I also have a fascination with crows and ravens…they are just beautiful and clever and funny..Al, my husband and I spent all afternoon in Brompton graveyard last year taking photos of them messing about on the gravestones…brilliant!

So, hope this is interesting….

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